Batching and Collecting

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Time to complete module: 30 minutes

Batching and collecting can be useful in many common simulation problems – either when used separately or together. Follow the lessons before practising in Simul8 using our pre-built assignment.

By completing the module, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Batching in order to split Work Items or create copies
  • How to use Collecting in order to assemble or process together Work Items
  • How to combine Batching and Collecting to address common simulation problems

Go through the lessons in this module and test your knowledge on our quizzes. You’ll also find links to additional material in each lesson to learn more on the topic.

At the end you can find a longer final assignment which ties all the new content together in an interactive way.



Christoph Werner

Christoph is a Senior Simulation Consultant at Simul8 with a background in academia and a PhD in stochastic modeling and uncertainty quantification.

During his time at Simul8, he has delivered simulation projects in various sectors and industries, ranging from manufacturing – including the automotive industry and foundry operations, to bed capacity modeling and other healthcare projects, to transport and logistic simulations.