Capacity and Constraints

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Time to complete module: 30 minutes

When Work Items flow through a simulation their processing is likely to be constrained in some way. Follow the lessons before practising in Simul8 using our pre-built assignment.

By completing the module, you’ll learn:

  • How to work with Resources, connect them to Activities and change their behavior to match your needs
  • How to use Changeover when a new Work Item is about to come into an Activity
  • How to use Shifts for your Resources and Activities
  • How to work with other constraints like replication, efficiency and absence time

Go through the lessons in this module and test your knowledge on our quizzes. You’ll also find links to additional material in each lesson to learn more on the topic.

At the end you can find a longer final assignment which ties all the new content together in an interactive way.



Tom Stephenson

Tom Stephenson

Over the past decade, Tom has overseen 100+ simulation projects across healthcare, contact centers, manufacturing and logistics. As a simulation expert Tom has presented at conferences in Washington DC, Hamad, Barcelona and the UK as well as guest lecturing for Universities in Canada, Italy and the UK.